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Mountain View Art Guild General Meeting Minutes



April 4, 2016


The meeting was called to order by President Phyllis Haynes, following a 30-minute “Swap and Sell” that began at 1:00.  There were 31 members present and Phyllis welcomed four new members: Linda White, Mary Stage, Doris Panicci and Ruby Lewis as well as potential member, Rhonda Benton. Dana Shaeffer reminded everyone of Jim Engler’s class April 27-29. She also invited members to a “plein air” at Tomahawk Creek Farm on May 14 as part of the Arkansas Craft Guild’s “Sustainability Week-end”.


Refreshments were provided by Dana, Tick Taylor and Julie Stowe.


Program:  Mollie Smith presented the program describing and showing her “Colorful Animal” paintings.  The animals are very vivid with intermingled designs capturing the personality or name of the animal. She paints dogs, cats and even a hog - all on consignment. LaNelle Wilmeth presented the “ZenDoodles” created by students in her March classes.


LaNelle invited members for a Spring Tour of Barrel Rock, Friday, April  15.  Members will leave as a group from the MVAG parking lot at 9:30, capturing members from the north at Anglers.  We are to bring art supplies if we wish, and lunch.  Sydney Nesbitt, owner of Barrel Rock, will provide a tour and dessert.


Minutes: The minutes were read by Virginia Parsons.  There were two corrections: 1) the May workshops will be taught by Sue Coon, and 2) Jim Tindall’s classes cost an additional $10 if he supplies the materials.  The minutes were approved by motion, second and passage with these two corrections.


Treasurer’s Report: Due to the absence of Paula Lane, there was no Treasurer’s Report.


Education:  Diana Lancaster will present the program for the May meeting.  She will discuss on-line marketing. Sue Coon will teach May Tuesday classes.


OFCSP Art Cabin:  Virginia reported on the first three days and the sale of $62 in art.  She showed a new device for accepting credit cards which she will ask Joyce Hubbard to demonstrate later.


Skillet Restaurant:  Sherri Chisholm said that the next set of paintings will go up May 3.  Artists taking down their paintings should arrive to pick them up at 9:00; those going up should be there at 9:30. She listed the names of artists whose works will go up and asked if any could not participate to let her know.


Public Art Display:  Helen said, “everything is going well.  Keep doing what you are doing.”


First Service Bank:  No report.


Historian:  No report.


Room Maintenance:  Phyllis commended those who participated in the Spring cleaning Friday, April 1 and thanked them for their hard work:  Marion Thorpe, Peg Hares, Susan Mink and Phyllis.


Telephone:  Phyllis asked Joyce Lake to contact the without e-mails about the April 15 trip to Barrel Rock and about the May event at Tomahawk Creek Farm.


Courtesy:  Mary Rivers had no report.


Senior High Art Show:  Virginia said it gets better each year. Students were very pleased with their cash awards.  Since no high school senior is planning to major in art, Dana suggested that we give that scholarship money this year toward supplies for Mr. Bishop’s art classes.  Erlene Carter made a motion to donate $200, which was seconded by Peg Hares.  The motion was tabled until the Scholarship Committee can review the guidelines and present a recommendation at the May meeting. Committee members are Virginia Parsons, Mary Rivers, Sue Coon, Ann Snyder and Betty Ward.


Fall Art Sale:  Dana suggested hanging on October 6 and holding the sale October 7-8.


Website:  Susan Mink reported the website looks great and encouraged members to send Chuck Smith their bios and art to be featured on the site. His email address is and the website is


Phyllis passed around a donation container that was also used to collect donations from the Spring Cleaning table.  A total of $53.68 was collected from members.


Minutes taken by Virginia Parsons.






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