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August 1, 2016


The meeting was brought to order by President Phyllis Haynes at 1:30. There were 31 members in attendance and a new member, Leah Labloski.




Ann Snyder showed portions of a video on creating watercolor floral designs.


Minutes: The minutes were read by Phyllis in absence of the Secretary, Janette Wright. Susan Mink moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Peg Hares and passed.



Treasurer’s Report: Paula Lane reported beginning balance of $1,010.91 in the checking account and $784.31 in the endowment account.


Old Business:  Susan Mink presented copies of the revised by-laws and again thanked Paula Lane and Linda Rawlings for their help.  This was the second presentation of the by-laws which will be voted on in September.  Virginia Parsons recommended that dues be raised to $20.  Changes to the by-laws were included in the July minutes.


New Business:

September Art Month: Phyllis asked for volunteers to paint the bench for September Art Month.  One person volunteered, new member Leah Lablowski.

County  Fair: Peg Hares will recruit an out-of-county judge for the art show portion of the fair.  Phyllis asked Jim Tindall to assist her since he is in other counties often.  Pamphlets were available giving directions on submitting art for the fair. Peg asked that everyone bring at least one piece.


Education:   Ann reminded everyone of the August class with Richard Stevens and asked for $140 tuition. The sign-up sheet was circulated and 10 are signed up for the class. New member Leah has offered to teach a Tuesday class, starting August 8.  The class will be 9:00 - 1:00 and will cost $10 plus $2 utility fee.


OFCSP Art Cabin:  Virginia Parsons asked that everyone please wear your name tag when you volunteer at the Cabin. $992 was the amount raised in July.


Skillet:  The Change out may be August 31. Sheri will let members know.


Public Art Display:  Helen reported everything is going well and the change-out will be the end of August.


Historian/First Service Bank/Room Maintenance/Telephone:  No report.




Other Business:  Sue Coon presented a request for monetary donations for the Smith family, whose home recently burned to the ground.  Members contributed after the meeting.






Minutes taken by Virginia Parsons and edited by Phyllis Haynes

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