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Mountain View Art Guild General Meeting Minutes


February 1, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Phyllis Haynes. There were 28 members

in attendance.

Refreshments were provided by Joyce Hubbard and Yun Kim

We welcome new members Beth Stage, Denny Maynord and Violet Sanchez.

Program: Lanelle Wilmoth showed a video of on Zendoodles and passed around several

examples. Lanelle’s class for Zendoodles is schedule for March. A signup sheet was

passed around.

Business Meeting:

Minutes: The minutes were read by Janette Wright. Ann Snyder moved to accept the

minutes as read. Peg Hares seconded motion. Approved.

Finance: {Censor}

President Phyllis Haynes suggested that we have a “Spring Purge” to declutter, reorganize

and better utilize space at the Paintin’ Place. This will be followed by an “Art

Swap”. Ann Snyder moved, Peg Hares seconded. The date will be announced at

March meeting. Virginia Parsons also asked artists who had artwork in the room to

please take it home today.

In an effort to promote interest in and educate the public of the many offerings of the

Art Guild, the MVAG Brochure will be reprinted and posted at various businesses

throughout town.


Janette Wright will make copies of the latest Art Guild Guide book and distribute to

new members.


Tuesday Classes

February – Ann Snyder, Acrylic-Drip Trees and Champion Trees.

March – Lanelle Wilmoth, Zendoodles

2nd and 4th Monday: Jim Tindall, Painting with 9-Panache. 10-12. $25 class fee +

$2.00 room fee. For an additional $15 Jim will provide all materials for the class.

Friday All Paint: Guild members come together to paint. $2 room fee.


April: Jim Engler, Life Drawing, April 27-29th

Public Art Displays:

OFC Cabins:

Virginia Parsons distributed work schedules for the Ozark Folk Center Cabins for

review. All who are signed up please review schedule and report to Virginia of any

changes needed. She will have a finalized schedule at March meeting. She reminded

everyone that it is a privilege to have this venue to display and sell artwork. The

Cabins will open on March 29th. Hanging is scheduled for Wednesday, March 16th.

Skillet Restaurant:

Sherri Chisolm passed around a signup sheet for the Skillet Restaurant Display. She

is requesting artists please supply original artwork that has not been displayed at the

Skillet before.

Mountain High School Annual Art Show:

Virginia Parsons reports the date of the MVHS Art show will be March 10th, unless

changed due to snow days. Please contact Virginia if you can help with this project.

Library, Hospital Display: Helen Butterfield that everything is going well with art

display at these venues.

Special Committees:

Room Maintenance: No Report

Courtesy: Mary Rivers reports she sent card the Arise Church thanking them for the

use of their facilities for our Christmas party. She also sent a sympathy card to Peggy

Taylor’s family.

Website: Susan Mink is working on the website.

Minutes submitted by Janette Wright

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