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Mountain View Art Guild General Meeting Minutes


January 4, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Phyllis Haynes. There were 32 members

in attendance. Virginia Parsons and Phyllis Haynes provided refreshments.

Refreshments were provided by Phyllis Haynes and Virginia Parsons.

Program: The Dana Shaeffer showed a video of the rock wall paintings in Calico Rock

by artist Adrian Columb. The paintings depict various eras of Calico Rock history,

from its Native American culture, paddle boats, pearl diving to bootlegging.

Business Meeting: The minutes were read by Janette Wright and were accepted as


Paula Lane {Censor} The Executive Committee voted MVAG will absorb the 2.75% Cabin fee in



Education: Ann Snyder reported the following results from a survey taken in

December to determine what type workshops and classes artist would most prefer.


1. Acrylic

2. Pen & Ink

3. Pastel, Watercolor, Mixed Media and Collage

4. Basic drawing and painting

5. Palette Knife


1. Landscapes

2. Figure Studies and Abstract

3. Floral

4. Still Life


1. Duane Hada - Acrylic

2. Yvonne Sangster – Pastel

3. Jim Engler – Pen/Ink, drawing + other mediums

4. Ann Snyder and Sue Coon

According to the survey the maximum the students are willing to pay for workshop is


Public Art Displays:

Sherri Chisholm reported Skillet Sales for 2015 was ${Censor}

Virginia Parsons reminded members desiring to sell paintings in the Cabins at the

Ozark Folk Center that they will be expected to take their turn working there. The

2016 schedule will come out in April. This year the Cabins will have a featured artist

of the month and there will also be an addition of a display area for Giclée framed


Virginia also reported that planning is underway for the annual Mountain View Senior

High Art Show which is usually held in March during Parent/Teacher Conference.

This is dependent on weather. She will have more information at the February


She also reported that there is a need for a Chair for the Fall Art Show.

President Phyllis Haynes recapped the benefits of the Guild by providing education


1. Tuesday Weekly Classes-Provides members an opportunity to come together

and learn new techniques from seasoned and professional artists, as well as

provide support for beginning artists. $10 class fee and $2 room fee.

2. Jim Tindall, Painting with 9-Panache-2nd and 4th Mondays. 10-12. $25 class

fee + $2.00 room fee. For an additional $15 Jim will provide all materials for the


3. Friday-All Paint. This day provides an opportunity for members to come

together, to share their talents, and new ideas and different techniques. It is a

great way to fellowship with other artists while working on your own project. $2

room fee.

Meeting adjourned 3:00 pm

Minutes submitted by Janette Wright

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