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July 11, 2016

The meeting was brought to order by President Phyllis Haynes at 1:30. There were 25 members in attendance. Phyllis welcomed back members Ann Snyder, Charity Decker, Sue Coon and Betty Ward who had been out

for several weeks dealing with illness and family loss.



Participants of Linda Rawlings’ Cyanotype class showed their work and Linda explained cyanotype (sometimes called sun prints) and displayed various examples of her work.

Minutes: The minutes were read by Janette Wright and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: Paula Lane reported beginning balance of $2,147.64 and ending $1,816.51.


New Business:

Fair: September 5th – 10

The Bylaws are to be reviewed every 3 years. They were last reviewed

and revised April 2013. This year they were reviewed by Paula Lane,

Susan Mink and Linda Rawlings and below are the following revisions

presented. The revisions will be voted on at the August meeting


Current By-Laws: 2016 Revision

IV. Membership

2. Delinquency of membership dues after April meeting shall be

cause of loss of membership

IV. Membership

2. Delinquency of membership dues after March meeting shall

be cause of loss of membership


V. Officers of the Guild shall consist

of President, V. President,

Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant


V. Delete Assistant Treasurer due

to position not being filled.

VI. Duties of the President -#12 VI. Duties of the President-Add #

12-President will be added to Centennial Bank account so two

people can access the bank account if necessary.

Assistant Treasurer Delete Assistant Treasurer

VIII. Standing Committees:

3. Ozark Folk Center Committee


Remove all details to Folk Center

Cabins guidelines from MVAG

By-Laws and move to MVAG

Special Committees- OFC Cabins


4. Publicity: Bring knowledge and

activities of the Guild before the


Publicity: Bring knowledge of

Guild activities before the public.

7. Membership

a. shall receive all dues and

deposit them, forwarding the

deposit slip to the Treasurer.

b. Shall provide each member with

a copy of the Guild Handbook and

also have the Guild Waiver signed

when dues are paid and keep these

on file.

c. Shall keep the membership list

current and provide rosters to all

members once a year or as needed.

7. Membership

a. Receive all dues and forward

to treasurer.

b. Provided each member with a

copy of the Guild Handbook and

also have the Guild Waiver


c. Provide a current copy of the

membership list/roster on the

Guild bulletin board.


Torri Epperson with Mountain View Chamber of Commerce expressed her

desire to promote Arts and Crafts in the Mountain View area with a

September Arts Month. She has also been given the permission to

purchase benches that will be unveiled during September Art Month. The

bench will be paid for by a donor and painted at the Paintin’ Place and

located somewhere in town along the square. Anyone interested in being a

part of this project, please contact Phyllis Haynes.

September Art Month includes:

Labor Day Monday, September 5th It was suggested to have an Open Air

Artist on the Square, would like a commitment from 3 or 4 artists.

Duane Hada Presentation @ Ozarka College, September 9th – 10th, 7pm.

Duane will paint on a blank canvas with a camera attached to or over his

shoulder, while his brother, Ken Hada, Poet, will read poetry and Charlie

Mink will play his dulcimer. Tickets are $10.00. We could use a Guild

member to hostess, selling artwork, CD’s, etc. at a table.

Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour - September 16th, 17th, and 18th

Fall Art Sale: September 23rd -24. It has been proposed that the Fall Art

Sale be held at the Cornerstone Building this year rather than in October at

the Historical Society building. This will be a joint effort of the Art Guild and

the Craft School. Some of the advantages of moving the Fall Art sales date

and location to Cornerstone are:

1. Larger room to accommodate more artwork.

2. Location, Location, Location. This is a very busy corner and would

generate a great deal more traffic.

3. The Craft School will pay for electricity.

Also Lane Berg of Timbo suggests a “Children’s Station” for hands on

activities for children while parents shop.


July-Linda Rawlings, Cyanotype

August – Tick Taylor, print canvas paper

Workshop: Richard Stevens, Watercolor, August 30-31 $140.00. $100.00

non-refundable down payment due at July meeting

OFCSP Art Cabin: Virginia Parsons asked that everyone please wear

your name tag when you volunteer at the Cabin.

Public Art Display: Helen reported everything is going well.

Historian: No report.

Room Maintenance: No report.

Telephone: Joyce Lake reported that everything was working contacting

those without email by phone.


Minutes taken by Janette Wright.

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