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November 7, 2016


The meeting was brought to order by President Phyllis Haynes at 1:30. There were 28 members in attendance.  The Guild welcomed 4 new members Madison Dennis, Judi Munn, Rory Glover and Tori Canard. A total of 75 members to date.




Participants of Tick Taylors class using “High Flow” paints and Yupo paper displayed their work.  Tick explained that high flow paints are an acrylic paint that can go from brush to marker or from dip pen to airbrush and more.  From fine lines to broad strokes.  High flow has an ink-like consistency that lends itself to a wide range of techniques, including staining, leveling, calligraphy and mixed media.  Yupo paper is a unique alternative to traditional art papers.  It is synthetic, machine made of 100% polypropylene.  It extremely strong and durable as well as waterproof and stain resistant.  The High Flow paint range of colors and their intensity is amazing and made for some very interesting and creative pieces of art.


Participants of the Yvonne Sangster Workshop displayed their work. Yvonne mostly works with Pastel but was available for other mediums as well during the 3-day workshop.  The workshop was a great success.


Peg Hares mentioned that Tom Lynch had several dates open for a workshop next year if the Guild is interested.


Minutes: The minutes were read by Janette Wright. There was one note of correction: Marion Thorpe noted it was Susan Mink, not Marion, who asked members to do their part to keep the Paintin’ Place clean.  Tick Taylor made motioned to approve minutes with amendment and was seconded by Cindy Blackmon.


Treasurer’s Report: Paula Lane reported beginning balance of $1,142.82 and ending $2,517.32.


Old Business:


Nominating Committee: Tick Taylor representing the Nominating Committee, presented the 2017 Candidates for Officers.


President – Virginia Parsons

Vice President – Meganne Townsend

Secretary – Janette Wright

Treasurer – Paula Lane


Joyce Lake motioned to accept the candidates as presented by the committee.  Helen Butterfield seconded the motion.  Approved.


New Business:


Annual Christmas Party:


The Annual MVAG Christmas Party will be held at Arise Church, 1601 E. Main St. (next to Dollar General) on Monday, December 5th, @ 11am.  Those wishing to help with set up and decorating please be there at 10am.   This is pot luck so bring your favorite dish to share. A meat tray will be provided.  There will be a Dirty Santa so bring a small gift priced under $10.  It was also suggested members bring a can of food to be donated to the Food Bank.  There will also be a Christmas card swap.  To participate in the swap artists will bring cards they have personally created and trade with another artist for their created cards.



Education:  Ann Snyder gave a brief duties description of the Education Committee Chair for those interested in this position for 2017 which includes scheduling Instructors and organizing the Tuesday Classes and Workshops.


Special Committees:


OFCSP Art Cabin:  Virginia reported things were going very well at the Cabin.   October sales were $756.00.  Cindy Blackmon was nominated by Virginia Parsons as OFCSP Art Cabin Chair for 2017.  The last day for the OFCSP Art Cabin will be November 26th.  Artists, please pick your artwork and any other personal items on that day by 5:00pm!!  The OFCSP will be renovating these buildings during the off season and they will not be responsible for any items left behind.


Skillet Restaurant: Sherri Chisolm reported Skillet sales $647 with YTD sales at $2500.


Public Art Display:  Helen Butterfield thanked everyone for their participation with the Public Art Displays this year and reports everything is going well. Helen will also continue to chair the Public Art Display.


Membership:  Cindy Blackmon reported we have 75 members.




Room Maintenance:


Telephone:  Joyce Lake reported that everything was working smoothly contacting those without email by phone





Meeting adjourned @ 2:40. Minutes taken by Janette Wright.




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