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October 3, 2016


The meeting was brought to order by President Phyllis Haynes at 1:30. There were 38 members in attendance.




Ann Snyder discussed Yvonne Sangster’s upcoming class Pastel Workshop set for November 2-4th, 9am-4pm @ the Paintin’ Place.  While the class is a Pastel class, Yvonne will work with artists on any medium of their choice.  This will be a live model portrait class. A supply list was handed out to those who registered for the workshop.  Yvonne is an instructor at Oklahoma Panhandle State University and her workshops are exceptional. She will be accompanied by one of her graduate students this year, which will allow more one on one attention and support for artists.  The cost of the class is $150 and is due at today’s meeting.


Paper Making workshop @ Arkansas Craft Guild:  Phyllis Haynes and Marcia Wallace exhibited some of the paper they made in Linda Rawlings paper making workshop.  They used a variety of techniques which included use of flower petals, moss and herbs as well as some recycled materials.  Phyllis also made a bowl using this same technique.



Annual Art Sale Report: Dana Shaeffer reported the Art Sale was very successful this year.  Sales this year were $2,053.00. Compare to previous:






Location was a plus as there was a lot of traffic and more space to display.  Also the activities for the children was well received and well organized. The children seemed to really enjoy the activities and as well as viewing the exhibits.  Thanks to all who participated in cleaning, hanging and taking down exhibits and presenting your artwork.


Minutes: The minutes were read by Janette Wright. There was one note of correction: Susan Mink noted that the vote for 2017 Officers and Chairpersons will be at the November 2016 General meeting and not at the Christmas venue as was posted in the minutes. Peg Hares motioned to approve with amendment and was seconded by Erlene Carter. Accepted with the amendment.


Treasurer’s Report: Paula Lane reported beginning balance of $1,559.13 and ending $1,142.82.


Old Business:


Handbooks: Susan Mink had handbooks printed with the revised By-Laws and made them available today’s meeting.  A copy of the Handbook is also available online at our website:


Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee for the 2017 Officers are, Tick Taylor, La’Nelle Gambrell and Jim Tindall. Nominees will be voted on at the November General Meeting.


Education:  President Phyllis Haynes took this opportunity to thank Ann Snyder and Dana Shaeffer for all their hard work this year planning and organizing all the great workshops and Tuesday classes.


OFCSP Art Cabin:  Virginia reported things were going very well at the Cabin.   Sales for the month of September were $824.50


Skillet Restaurant: Sherri Chisolm reported Skillet sales $240.  Change out date will set for October 12.


Public Art Display:  Helen Butterfield reminded artists who are displaying work to remember to attach a card with your name and contact number to your work. She also suggested if the artist preferred not to put their phone # out to the public to consider using an email address instead.


Membership:  Cindy Blackmon reported we have 67 members.


Historian:  No report.


Room Maintenance:  Marion Thorpe has asked that everyone that uses the “Paintin’ Place” do their part to keep the room clean.  Please empty garbage and straighten chairs before leaving.  The room has had problems with mice and not emptying the garbage and/or leaving food out on the counter aggravates the issue.  Thank you for helping in this matter.


Telephone:  Joyce Lake reported that everything was working smoothly contacting those without email by phone


New Business: Dana Shaeffer suggested that we discontinue our telephone line at the Paintin’ Place. The line is rarely used and seems an unneeded expense. It was noted by a show of hands that nearly all members have cell phones. The monthly cost is $34.29 per month which would be an annual savings of $411.48.  Phyllis asked that this be tabled for discussion until the Executive Meeting in November and a vote be taken at the November General meeting.


It is indeed a very sad day for MVAG as member Peg Hares moves to Mountain Home.  Peg has been a very active member of the Guild since 2006 and will be sorely missed.  The Guild presented Peg with 2 pieces of Yun Kim’s work and was also presented with a lifetime membership to the Guild.




Meeting adjourned @ 2:30. Minutes taken by Janette Wright.


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