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September 12, 2016


The meeting was brought to order by President Phyllis Haynes at 1:30. There were 31 members in attendance.




Participants of Richard Stevens Watercolor Workshop exhibited their work.


Minutes: The minutes were read by Janette Wright. Peg Hares motioned to approve and was seconded by Erlene Carter. Accepted.


Treasurer’s Report: Paula Lane reported beginning balance of $1,010.91 and ending $1,559.13




Old Business:

By Laws: Susan Mink presented the final revisions to the By-Laws to be voted on at today’s meeting:

Remove position of Assistant Treasurer

Annual Membership dues increase to $20.00.  Delinquency of membership dues after March meeting will cause loss of membership

President will be added to Centennial Bank account in the event Treasurer unavailable to sign checks.

Addition of the Membership Chair.  Duties will include receiving all dues and forwarding to treasurer.  Providing each member with a copy of the Guild Handbook.  Obtain signed Guild Waivers. Provide a current copy of the membership list/roster on the Guild /Bulletin board.

Addition of MVHS Annual Art Show Committee


Amendments were unanimously accepted and approved.



Education:  Yvonne Sangster Workshop will be November 2-4.  The cost will be $150.00.


OFCSP Art Cabin:  Virginia Parsons asked that everyone please follow the OFCSP dress code as well as wear your name tag when you volunteering at the Cabins. Virginia also asked for workers for November 25th following Thanksgiving Day as the Craft Village will be open.  Cabin Sales for the month of August were $903.50


Skillet Restaurant: Sherri Chisolm reported Skillet sales $429.00.  Change out will be October 10th



Public Art Display:  Helen Butterfield reminded artists who are displaying work to remember to attach a card with your name and contact number to your work.


Historian:  No report.


Room Maintenance:  No report


Telephone:  Joyce Lake reported that everything was working smoothly contacting those without email by phone


Next month we will nominate next year’s Guild Officers and will vote at the Christmas Venue.




Meeting adjourned @ 3:00.  Minutes taken by Janette Wright.


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