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MVAG manages several exhibits in the Mountain View area. Members are encouraged to participate in monthly displays at the local banks, the library, and the Stone County Medical Center. During the Ozark Folk Center season the Guild manages the Art Cabin, the Skillet and sells members' works on the grounds. It also organizes the art exhibit at the Stone County Fair.

Bank Schedules below

Ann Snyder
Stone County Medical Center.
Birch Trees
Acrylic - 14 X 11

First Service Bank Exhibit
Works exhibit on large panels (approx4X6ft) in the lobby of the bank for six weeks.. Members interested in exhibiting contact Joyce Hubbard.

On display until Oct. 31
Kathryn chambers

Betty Ward
Marion Thorpe
Tom Huddleston
Paula Lane

MegAnne Townsend,
Judy Munn,
Yun Kim
Joyce Hubbard

Old Adobe
Acrylic - 20 x 16

Skillet Restaurant
contact Sheri Chisholm if interested in exhibiting

October 3 - Closing
Betty Ward
MegAnne Townsend
Gary Barrows
Buffy Campbell

Sheri Chisholm