Phyllis Haynes
After a 30+ year career as a nonprofit executive director in Little Rock, Phyllis and her husband, Bud Thurman, moved to Stone County permanently in 2016. Prior to that, they had been “part timers” for 14 years. Phyllis took up painting in late 2013, having not done any art since junior high school. She wanted to explore her “right brain” after relying on her left for so many years.

“The Mountain View Art Guild is the perfect place to explore a variety of two dimensional art,” says Phyllis. “The Guild is filled with over 300 years experience with artist members who are current and former teachers, art professors, art connoisseurs and lovers of art. Exploring water color, acrylic, oils, pen and ink, and even modern styles like ‘zen doodle’ gives me the opportunity to learn from, and rub elbows with, many different experienced artists.”

Phyllis has not yet adopted any one style, although her passion tends toward the modern era with emphasis on nature.