Joyce Hubbard moved to Mountain View with her husband in February 2007 from Connecticut.  The move was inspired from a visit with friends in 2006 who had moved here.  After the visit, they started looking for a place to call their own in this wonderful, laid back community, with all it's natural beauty.

Painting was not even on her list of things to do during retirement, until her good friend and neighbor, Ann Snyder convinced her to take art classes in October 2008, from Sue Coon.  The lessons went on from there, with Peggy Taylor, Dana Shaeffer, Sheri Chisholm, Tom Jones, Elizabeth Mowery, Yvonne Sangster, Jason Sacran, Richard Stephens and the list goes on.  There's no end to the techniques to be learned, or the different media, she's tried most all of them.

Joyce's painting can be seen at the Iron Skillet Restaurant, in the Art Cabin at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, AR, at the local banks, Stone County Medical Center or the library at different times throughout the year.  Also the Stone County Fair, shows artwork at the Fairfield Bay Convention Center, Fairfield Bay Library, Clinton Hospital,  Spring River Artists Guild Art Show and Competition in Hardy, AR and the Mountain Home Art Exhibit.

Member of the Mountain View Art Guild, Mountain View, AR and NCAAL in Fairfield Bay, AR

Joyce Hubbard

Bantam Rooster
10 x 10 inches
10 x 10
12 x 16 in.

Mark's Texas Longhorn
9 X 12 in.