Dana Shaeffer is a transplant to Arkansas from her native Iowa. She taught drawing and design at Grand View University for over 25 years and operated a weaving studio for much of that time.  In 1998 she came to Mountain View to work for a summer at the Ozark Folk Center and fell in love with the area. After retirement she moved here and now makes Mountain View her home.

    Although she continues to weave, drawing and painting have become the focus of her artwork. Landscapes and stillifes are derived from her own photos. These pictures may be manipulated on the computer to create the desired composition. Often two or more photos are combined, colors altered or light source redirected. This new collage is then painted in acrylic or pastel.

      Shaeffer is an active member of the Mountain View Art Guild and exhibits locally with the guild at the OFC Art Cabin, the Skillet Restaurant, the library and local banks as well as the hospital.