Barbara 'Tick' Taylor

"You are always young if you're learning", and how better to do that than through art.

Barbara 'Tick' Taylor has always enjoyed a connection with the spritual, the humorous, and
the colorful. The awesoneness of the Ozarks and the world inspire her to capture thbeauty
in all thingsfor others to see.

This multi-talented artist explores and pushed the limits of the mediums which often
surprises boththe artist and her viewers with the final uniqueness of her work.

Tick enjoys painting in acrylics, oil and pastels as well as pysanka, drawing and
encaustics. She'sbeen trained in sculpture, pottery, lapidary and silversmithing. After
moving to these hills in 2000, she became a shepherd, raising wool and mohair on the hoof.
This led her to the wonderfulworld of fiber art - carding,m spinning, dyeing, felting and
weaving those beautiful fibers.