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Loretta Babak
Rhoda Doerr
Sue Hardy

  Loretta Babak
A passion for painting, combined with a love of nature and animals, paved the way for my artistic creations.  Life continues to intrigue and amaze this self-taught and still learning artist.  There is so much to see and appreciate, if we just take the time to do so.  The bulk of my paintings are wildlife and Western, with a few portrait and still life.

Born and raised in Michigan, retirement brought about the opportunity for a location change.   My husband and I purchased land in the Mountain View area, and began to build.  To say that we purchased land is an under-statement.  There are bluffs, a creek, wildlife, woodlands, and of course lots of lovely rock landscapes.  These all feed the imagination, many of which are in my paintings.  Much of my work is in great detail, with accuracy of wildlife.
As a member of the Mountain View Art Guild, the Mid-Southern Watercolorists, and Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour, I have the opportunity to participate in functions with like minded people.  I enjoy painting in acrylic, oil, and watercolor, and feel that I have been blessed to be able to transfer what I see in life into a painting.

Rhoda Doerr
Born and raised in Alaska, Rhoda Doerr has kept a love for nature foremost in her artistic expression. She has lived many places, including the Pacific Northwest and Wisconsin before moving to Arkansas 12 years ago.

Rhoda has been active in the Wisconsin art community. Her painting was purchased by Waukesha County as part of the Waukesha County Courthouse permanent collection. For several years Rhoda was a featured artist/storyteller at Fine Arts Day in Wisconsin area schools. She has exhibited work in many juried shows, including Carroll College and the Cedarburg Wisconsin Art Fair. She also had a one-woman show at Brookfield Academy in Milwaukee.

In Arkansas, Rhoda has won awards at the Mountain Home Area Art Show, including Best in Oil. Since moving to Norfork she is a member of the Mountain View Art Guild. She hopes her work reflects the beauty of the Ozarks, as well as her interest in her garden and her two cats. She says, “I think that poetry and painting are alike in that the artist takes everyday objects or experiences and encourages the viewer to look at them in a different way.”

Sue Hardy
I was born in Big Flat, Arkansas and attended school there at an early age. My family moved first to Kansas, and then to California where I spent most of my early life. My husband and I moved back to Mountain View, Arkansas in 1992 where I have lived since.

While in California I developed an interest in painting, but was generally busy in the medical field as a nurse in both hospital and home care environments. I did, however, find time to attend art classes near my Camarilla home, and learned some the the basic procedures and techniques for painting.

Having settled in Mountain View with no more nursing responsibilities, I became interested in painting and joined the Mountain View Art Guild (MVAG). I have been a member since 1994, and once served on the Executive Committee with chairmanship responsibility for publicity; and now for history.

During my MVAG membership of 14 years I finished several paintings that line the walls of our home on Highway 87. Mediums used for these paintings include oil, acrylic and watercolor; my favorite is oil. I have selected several of the paintings for viewing on this website; hope you enjoy them!

I can be reached at:
Phone – 870-269-2320
USPS 2108 Highway 87
untain View, AR 72560