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Yun Kim
Susan Mink

Yun Kim, who prefers to be called simply Kim, has lived in the Ozarks since 2008. When asked what she finds to paint, she responds “Whatever I think is beautiful, and there is much that is beautiful in the Ozarks.” We caught up with Kim at the Mountain View Art Guild where she is a member.

“I came from South Korea to New Jersey in 1988. My husband and I moved to Arkansas in 2008 because he was born here,” says Kim.

“I began painting in the third grade”, she continued. “In high school and college I studied everything from drawing to sculpture, so I am willing to try any medium. I try to take workshops whenever they are offered locally. Right now I am taking watercolor class from Peggy Taylor. I learned from Dana Shaeffer’s class how important it is to first know how to draw if you are a painter.”

In fact is was a workshop offered by local artist and Art Guild member Sue Coon that led Kim to join the Mountain View Art Guild.
“I learn techniques from the teacher, while getting opinions from my classmates,” says Kim of her workshop experiences.

“I often paint at home while listening to music. It helps to soothe my soul,” she says, and she prefers the those surroundings. “I take photos outdoors to serve as inspiration for paintings but I paint indoors, out of the sun and wind, thank you. ”

Her award winning work (Best of Show at the 2009 Stone County Fair) can be seen at the Skillet Restaurant (Ozark Folk Center), BeanFest, Stone County Fair, and most recently at First Service Bank in Mountain View.

When asked about goals, Kim’s humor shines through. “I might be too old to have goals! Just enjoy what you are doing!”

Susan Mink
Growing up it was assumed that everyone in our family could draw. My father drew cartoons to entertain us. My sister drew paper dolls. Drawing was a favorite pass time for me. Now that I have settled in Mountain View  I have found the time to devote to drawing and painting. I have become interested in the use of color and color theory. I strive to obtain color harmony in my paintings. I am thankful to the wonderful artists and instructors in the Mountain View Art Guild for their encouragement and the opportunity the Guild provides to attend workshops and classes.