MVAG Neews

Let's Celebrate a New Year with MVAG

January 7, 2019 Meeting - Program: Creating a Big Painting,
Monday Classes: Mornings - Jan. 14 & 28 Painting with Jim Tindall

Afternoons - Jan. 14, 21, 28 Principles of Design - Dana Shaeffer

February 4, Meeting - Program: Virginia Parsons - Flower Paintings in Art History
Monday Classes: Mornings - Painting with Jim Tindall
Afternoons - Painting Flowers each week a new medium
Feb. 11 -Susan Mink - watercolors
Feb. 18 - Judi Munn - pastels
Feb. 25 - Ann Snyder - palette knife

Marach 4, Meeting - Program: Karen Avey; MV Iris Festival
Monday Classes: Mornings - Jim Tindall
Afternoon - Painting Iris

April our displays at the banks, library and hospital will be Iris paintings to help celebrate the Mountain View Iris Festival held May 4. We have also been asked to display in other venues so we need everyone to produce paintings of flowers - especially Iris. The exhibits will stay up through that weekend to support the town.