MVAG Neews

Last Friday of the Month

June 29
8:30 at Art Guild parking

For Painters Only

Plein Air Painting
Members are invited to paint
in one of the largest, area gardens.

Meet at 8:30 -Art Guild to carpool
or join the group at Anglers.

Be Ready to be Amazed
at these beautiful gardens.

Tick Taylor had some good suggestions for this road trip. Here is a summary of her article.

Be Prepared for Plein Air Painting

You need to have your tools ready to go, minimal in number and easy to transport . Don't take a million tubes of paint: cool and warm primaries plus white brown and/or black. Take only the essentials.

Because the brighr sun bounces off a white canvas, it causes you to read your colors wrong. Solve this by staining the canvas beforehand. An umbrella shields the sunlight from your canvas as well as your eyes.

A proportional divider can come in handy.
Bring mostlly larger brushes so you don't tighten up
Don't forget you'll need something to protect your work
when carrying it to the car - and in the car if it's wet.

Bring a hat, bug spray, sun screen, water for painting and hydration.

Paint somethin you love. Your finished work will most likely be better than slaving over something you aren't interested in.

Paint Smaller. Fix on a format size that you can complete in two to three hours at most. Give yourself a time limit.

Focus. Don't try to paint the whole world. Find a focal point and the smaller area around it. Use a small frame to isolate an area.. Two L-shaped pieces of cardboard can be paperclipped together to create an adjustable view finder.
Better yet...use your camera or cell phone viewfiner to locate that special spot, Take the photo and then review it to check the focal points, or position, Move it around to see it differently. Enlarge it. Use the grid feature on your phone to align and check for balance. Check the rule of thirds, golden ratio, etc. View the photo in b/w to find your value patterns more easily. Capture an atmosphere (light, shadow, mood) that you see. This can change quickly so capture it for when you're back in the sutdio. You'll save those vital details. In case you want to make a larger work from the study, you'll have the scene captured.

Sketch broadly and quickly. then paint your hearts out and have a great time.