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  • Ann Snyder

    “I paint because I have to. There’s something about creating that brings out the best in me.”


          From oil, acrylic and watercolor painting to collages, Ann Snyder uses her passion for color to give energy to landscapes, still life and floral works. “Creating something I’ve never seen before gives me a sense of fulfillment…it’s experiencing a God-given expression. The challenge lies in seeing the world with fresh new eyes.”


          Ann has become intrigued with the art of collage and each day discovers new techniques to create moods and drama that draws the viewer into the paintings. “In collage art, I work with unusual materials, mediums and semi-abstract shapes. The combination pushes me to look at the world in new ways.”


         Painting started as a pastime and is now a driving force for Ann. In addition to a focus on her own work and involvement in several key art organizations, she finds time to work with others, helping them explore and discover their own talent for painting.

  • Carol Terry

         Moments of deja-vu inspire this wildlife-landscape artist and nature enthusiast, Carol Terry, to replicate the beauty of animals and their unique relationships with our world. This incredible wife, mother of ten, grandmother of thirty-five, with her creative soul, expresses a unique talent through her painting, drawing and sculpting.


         Born outside of Chicago , Carol Terry’s Florida heritage of fifty-six plus years began when her family moved to Tampa , Florida to keep Carol out of the cold northern weather that continued to threaten her health. With limited means a vivacious young artist had no problem developing her natural talents using many different mediums and materials. Upon military orders her husband, John Terry, Jr., reported to duty at NAS Jacksonville in 1963 where she continues her residence in St. Johns , FL six months out of the year


          In those early years, when Carol’s time was not consumed with the responsibilities of nurturing her many children and husband, who spent sometimes months at sea, this talented artist taught private art lessons to local children and adults. She also taught for the St. Johns County School System & for the Division of Youth Services. Carol always knew, in time, she would have the freedom to explore her dreams and lifetime reflections of the world as she witnessed and admired nature.


          Once Carol’s children were grown, she traveled the United States and Mexico in search of her artistic ambitions. This amazingly brave artist found her second home in Mountain View , Arkansas , more than a thousand miles from Florida . Quickly she began teaching to the local art guild cultivating a reputable name. Soon her acrylic paintings and sculptures were desired by many art galleries in the Ozarks.


          Today the beauty of her work depicts such fine detail, vibrant colors and true reflections of our nation’s wildlife & landscape scenery. An avid reader, athlete and fisherman, Carol Terry’s knowledge and experiences have been the source of her inspiration. Through the sudden glimpse of a humming bird amongst wild azaleas, the blossom of the bearded Iris, the hoot of an owl or the catch of a trout, Carol captures these unique visions in her art. Carol Terry has been commissioned and admired for her fine art and talents by art collectors throughout the country. She continues to travel, painting and exploring the world being recognized as one of our country’s finest wildlife and landscape artists.


         You can view Carol’s work at

  • Dana Shaeffer

           Dana Shaeffer is a transplant to Arkansas from her native Iowa. She taught drawing and design at Grand View University for over 25 years and operated a weaving studio for much of that time.  In 1998 she came to Mountain View to work for a summer at the Ozark Folk Center and fell in love with the area. After retirement she moved here and now makes Mountain View her home.

         Although she continues to weave, drawing and painting have become the focus of her artwork. Landscapes and stillifes are derived from her own photos. These pictures may be manipulated on the computer to create the desired composition. Often two or more photos are combined, colors altered or light source redirected. This new collage is then painted in acrylic or pastel.

          Shaeffer is an active member of the Mountain View Art Guild and exhibits locally with the guild at the OFC Art Cabin, the Skillet Restaurant, the library and local banks as well as the hospital.



  • Etta Sutton

         Etta Sutton began life in Clarksville, AR.  She was  raised in Little Rock, AR, and then moved to Mountain View, AR in 1979. After working for 23 years for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, first as radio operator for 13 years, then as a fisheries technician for 10 years, she retired in 2005. After raising two daughters, she now has time to finally pursue her lifelong desire to draw and paint. She belongs to the Mountain View Art Guild, The Eastern Star, and The Historical Museum and served on the Artisans Council in 2008.


         Etta has trained with many talented instructors and has gleaned ideas and techniques from them and has taken that knowledge and developed her own unique style of painting. She likes to work fast and furious, when she gets started, she can’t wait to see how it will turn out. As each painting comes to life, she is eager to find new and interesting subjects to put brush to paper or canvas. She never tires of the beautiful scenes that God has provided for inspiration.


         Etta’s studio is located about 20 miles east of Mountain View, on highway 14, between Batesville and Mountain View, in a two-story cedar log cabin, that she and her husband  built  and lived in for 24 years. She and her husband are currently re-modeling the two-story cedar cabin. It should be ready by fall. She now lives at the foot of the cedar log cabin, on the same property.  She decided to turn her log cabin into her studio, as she has outgrown her current studio. She hasn’t settled on a new name for her studio, as for now it is called Etta’s Art Studio,  she may come up with something different, now that she will be moving into her new studio this fall.


         Etta has been showing at the Ozark Folk Center for the past five years. She entered and won the contest that the Chamber held and her work was shown on the flyer that advertised the Artisans Market for 2008.


         She has also competed in the Stone County Fair, won best of show, The Leslie Historical Museum and has work displayed at the Skillet Restaurant, and local banks, the Library, hospital, and the Ozark Folk Center.


         Come check out the new cabin and the magnificent view of the mountains.   She has been told  that it is a million-dollar view, and she agrees, “come see for your self”. She can be reached at 35005 Hwy 14, Marcella, AR 72555, 870-652-3423 or 870-213-5453.


        Etta enjoys working in all mediums, oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel and pen and ink. She can’t decide which she loves the best. When someone asks which medium she prefers , she says  “…the one I am using at the time”.



  • Loretta Babak

         A passion for painting, combined with a love of nature and animals, paved the way for my artistic creations.  Life continues to intrigue and amaze this self-taught and still learning artist.  There is so much to see and appreciate, if we just take the time to do so.  The bulk of my paintings are wildlife and Western, with a few portrait and still life.


         Born and raised in Michigan, retirement brought about the opportunity for a location change.   My husband and I purchased land in the Mountain View area, and began to build.  To say that we purchased land is an under-statement.  There are bluffs, a creek, wildlife, woodlands, and of course lots of lovely rock landscapes.  These all feed the imagination, many of which are in my paintings.  Much of my work is in great detail, with accuracy of wildlife.


          As a member of the Mountain View Art Guild, the Mid-Southern Watercolorists, and Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour, I have the opportunity to participate in functions with like minded people.  I enjoy painting in acrylic, oil, and watercolor, and feel that I have been blessed to be able to transfer what I see in life into a painting.



  • Mary Rice

         I was born in Camden, AR. and grew up in Little Rock. I got married and moved away with my husband who was a truck driver. We’ve lived in Illinois, Tennessee, Kansas, and Missouri. We have five children and seven grandchildren.


        I worked with Special ED children for 17 years in the Grandview, Mo. school district.

    When I retired in 2006 and moved to Mt. View, my sister talked me into taking painting classes with Peggy Taylor, Sue Coon, Betty Ward, and Carol Terry.


    I can be reached by phone 870-269-8181

    or by e-mail:


    My mailing address is:

    Mary Rice

    161 Shadow Lane

    Mt. View, AR 72560




  • Rhoda Doerr

         Born and raised in Alaska, Rhoda Doerr has kept a love for nature foremost in her artistic expression. She has lived many places, including the Pacific Northwest and Wisconsin before moving to Arkansas 12 years ago.


         Rhoda has been active in the Wisconsin art community. Her painting was purchased by Waukesha County as part of the Waukesha County Courthouse permanent collection. For several years Rhoda was a featured artist/storyteller at Fine Arts Day in Wisconsin area schools. She has exhibited work in many juried shows, including Carroll College and the Cedarburg Wisconsin Art Fair. She also had a one-woman show at Brookfield Academy in Milwaukee.


          In Arkansas, Rhoda has won awards at the Mountain Home Area Art Show, including Best in Oil. Since moving to Norfork she is a member of the Mountain View Art Guild. She hopes her work reflects the beauty of the Ozarks, as well as her interest in her garden and her two cats. She says, “I think that poetry and painting are alike in that the artist takes everyday objects or experiences and encourages the viewer to look at them in a different way.”





  • Sue Hardy

         I was born in Big Flat, Arkansas and attended school there at an early age. My family moved first to Kansas, and then to California where I spent most of my early life. My husband and I moved back to Mountain View, Arkansas in 1992 where I have lived since.


        While in California I developed an interest in painting, but was generally busy in the medical field as a nurse in both hospital and home care environments. I did, however, find time to attend art classes near my Camarilla home, and learned some the the basic procedures and techniques for painting.


        Having settled in Mountain View with no more nursing responsibilities, I became interested in painting and joined the Mountain View Art Guild (MVAG). I have been a member since 1994, and once served on the Executive Committee with chairmanship responsibility for publicity; and now for history.


         During my MVAG membership of 14 years I finished several paintings that line the walls of our home on Highway 87. Mediums used for these paintings include oil, acrylic and watercolor; my favorite is oil. I have selected several of the paintings for viewing on this website; hope you enjoy them!


    I can be reached at:

    Phone – 870-269-2320


    USPS 2108 Highway 87

    Mountain View, AR 72560





  • Susan Mink

         Growing up it was assumed that everyone in our family could draw. My father drew cartoons to entertain us. My sister drew paper dolls. Drawing was a favorite pass time for me. Now that I have settled in Mountain View  I have found the time to devote to drawing and painting. I have become interested in the use of color and color theory. I strive to obtain color harmony in my paintings. I am thankful to the wonderful artists and instructors in the Mountain View Art Guild for their encouragement and the opportunity the Guild provides to attend workshops and classes.




  • Yun Kim

         Yun Kim, who prefers to be called simply Kim, has lived in the Ozarks since 2008. When asked what she finds to paint, she responds “Whatever I think is beautiful, and there is much that is beautiful in the Ozarks.” We caught up with Kim at the Mountain View Art Guild where she is a member.


         “I came from South Korea to New Jersey in 1988. My husband and I moved to Arkansas in 2008 because he was born here,” says Kim.


         “I began painting in the third grade”, she continued. “In high school and college I studied everything from drawing to sculpture, so I am willing to try any medium. I try to take workshops whenever they are offered locally. Right now I am taking watercolor class from Peggy Taylor.”


         “I learned from Dana Shaeffer’s class how important it is to first know how to draw if you are a painter.”

    In fact is was a workshop offered by local artist and Art Guild member Sue Coon that led Kim to join the Mountain View Art Guild.


         “I learn techniques from the teacher, while getting opinions from my classmates,” says Kim of her workshop experiences.


         “I often paint at home while listening to music. It helps to soothe my soul,” she says, and she prefers the those surroundings. “I take photos outdoors to serve as inspiration for paintings but I paint indoors, out of the sun and wind, thank you.”

         Her award winning work (Best of Show at the 2009 Stone County Fair) can be seen at the Skillet Restaurant (Ozark Folk Center), BeanFest, Stone County Fair, and most recently at First Service Bank in Mountain View.


         When asked about goals, Kim’s humor shines through. “I might be too old to have goals! Just enjoy what you are doing!”






  • Joyce Hubbard

          Joyce Hubbard moved to Mountain View with her husband in February 2007 from Connecticut.  The move was inspired from a visit with friends in 2006 who had moved here.  After the visit, they started looking for a place to call their own in this wonderful, laid back community, with all it's natural beauty.


    Painting was not even on her list of things to do during retirement, until her good friend and neighbor, Ann Snyder convinced her to take art classes in October 2008, from Sue Coon.  The lessons went on from there, with Peggy Taylor, Dana Shaeffer, Sheri Chisholm, Tom Jones, Elizabeth Mowery, Yvonne Sangster, Jason Sacran, Richard Stephens and the list goes on.  There's no end to the techniques to be learned, or the different media, she's tried most all of them.


    Joyce's painting can be seen at the Iron Skillet Restaurant, in the Art Cabin at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, AR, at the local banks, Stone County Medical Center or the library at different times throughout the year.  Also the Stone County Fair, shows artwork at the Fairfield Bay Convention Center, Fairfield Bay Library, Clinton Hospital,  Spring River Artists Guild Art Show and Competition in Hardy, AR and the Mountain Home Art Exhibit.


    Member of the Mountain View Art Guild, Mountain View, AR and NCAAL in Fairfield Bay, AR

    Joyce Hubbard








  • Chuck Smith


      Chuck Smith lives in Mountain View with his wife and two children, and is fascinated by the world in which he lives. Light, color, and form all working together.  He studies the greats, and is influenced by contemporary artists, to create his own unique blend of natural realism.  Chuck, Studied art at Arkansas State University,  then later at the Art Institute, but finds the most rewarding teacher to be life itself.  Living in the Ozarks there is no shortage of influences, in nature and in fellow artist.





  • Linda Rawlings


      Studied art in New York City at The Museum of Modern Art. Attended The Art Students League for Life Drawing, Painting and Etching Classes, during my high school and college years.

    Received a Studio Art Degree with a minor in Art History and teaching certification at Marymount Manhattan College and Photography from St. John’s University.

    Post baccalaureate studies at The New York Institute of Photography – Professional Photography and Digital Photography, as well as Graduate work in Photography at Texas Tech University. Attended advanced jewelry and printmaking workshops.


    Taught advanced art and photography for 19 years and was Visual Arts Chairman

    Taught educator classes in Alternative printing techniques, silkscreen printing, photo-etching and handmade paper and book art.


    Current focus is landscape, nature and old historic structures.


    My work has been exhibited in NYC, California, Houston, Austin & Wimberley,  Texas.


    Currently residing along the beautiful White River in Arkansas and being inspired daily by its pristine natural beauty and rich history.

  • Phyllis Haynes


          After a 30+ year career as a nonprofit executive director in Little Rock, Phyllis and her husband, Bud Thurman, moved to Stone County permanently in 2016. Prior to that, they had been “part timers” for 14 years. Phyllis took up painting in late 2013, having not done any art since junior high school. She wanted to explore her “right brain” after

    relying on her left for so many years.

         “The Mountain View Art Guild is the perfect place to explore a variety of two dimensional art,” says Phyllis. “The Guild is filled with over 300 years experience with artist members who are current and former teachers, art professors, art connoisseurs and lovers of art. Exploring water color, acrylic, oils, pen and ink, and even modern styles like ‘zen doodle’ gives me the opportunity to learn from, and rub elbows with, many different experienced artists.”

           Phyllis has not yet adopted any one style, although her passion tends

    toward the modern era with emphasis on nature.


  • Virginia Parsons

          Being a native of Mountain View, I had the privilege of growing up experiencing nature at its finest.  I loved my natural surroundings and included objects from nature in my early art.  I loved to paint natural objects but then add a different ‘spin’ to them, using unusual colors and techniques.  After teaching school for 33 years, I wanted to get back to my creativity, so I joined the Mountain View Art Guild.  My first Art Guild sponsored class was with Ann Snyder.  Ann inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and make a mess!  She taught me to loosen up and use color creatively.  Being a part of the Art Guild has been such a blessing.  It has exposed me to so many artistic styles and new ideas.  The Art Guild has also allowed me to meet new friends with a common interest…ART!







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