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Mountain View Art Guild By-Laws


Last Revised: August 2016


I. Name

The name of this organization shall be Mountain View Art Guild, hereinafter referred to as the Guild.


II. Objectives

The objective of the MVAG is to enrich life in the Mountain View area by promoting the fine arts and to encourage the members to improve their painting skills by promoting workshops, classes, group painting, education, and to provide opportunities for shows and sales.


III. Meetings

Regular meetings shall be held on the first Monday of each month or as scheduled by the Executive Committee whereby members have been notified by one or more of the following methods: announcement, telephone committee, e-mail, newspaper and/or radio and TV.


IV. Membership

Members shall consist of persons fifteen (15) years of age and older who have a genuine interest in the visual arts.

1. Annual membership dues shall be determined by the membership and be due and payable by the first meeting of the calendar year.

2. Delinquency of membership dues after the March meeting shall be the cause of loss of membership.

3. Membership in the Guild may be terminated by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a regular meeting for any of the following reasons:

 (a.) Conviction of a felony or fraud, or the theft or embezzlement of the Guild’s properties and/or monies.

  (1). Charges to dismiss a member shall be read at two (2) consecutive meetings prior to being brought to vote.

  (2). Such member(s) shall be notified by letter of the charges prior to their first reading at a meeting.

4. Honorary Memberships:

(a.) Honorary lifetime membership may be extended by a majority vote at a regular meeting to a member no longer able to attend regularly due to disability or relocation or a member who has remained active in the Guild for over 20 years. This person retains full membership privileges.

(b.) Honorary membership may be presented to non-members for outstanding service to the Guild by a majority vote at a regular meeting. Such membership shall be renewed annually.





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V. Officers

Officers of the Guild shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer

 1.A Nominating committee selected by the President will present a slate of officers at the regular November meeting.

 2. Nominations may also be made from the floor during the regular November meeting.

  a. In the event of a nomination from the floor, voting shall be by secret ballot.

  b. Term of office shall be January 1 through December 31 following the election.

 3. President or Vice-President may not serve consecutive terms.

 4. Vice-President is president elect.


VI.  Duties of Officers



1.  Preside at all meetings.

2. Coordinate all activities.

3. Represent the Art Guild at any community organizations in which the Guild is involved.

4. Work closely with the Secretary as to correspondence and scheduling.

5. Appoint chairpersons for each of the current Standing Committees.

6. Appoint chairpersons for each of the Special Committees as needed.

7. Keep Vice-President advised of all Guild activities.

8. Retain all records to pass onto succeeding officers.

9. Be an ex-officio member of all committees.

10. Appoint Audit Committee.

11. Appoint Nominating Committee.

12. Will be on record at the Centennial Bank to sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer.



1. Preside at any meeting in the absence of the President.

2. Serve on all committees as ex-officio and act as Liaison between the President and committee Chairpersons.

3. Receive all reports from committee Chairperson and retain to pass onto succeeding officer.

4. Represent the Art Guild at any community organizations in which the Guild is involved.



1.  Keep in permanent form, records of all meetings and have the records available to the

President and/or the Executive Committee at all times.

2. Be responsible for regular or appointed correspondence.

3. Read in their entirety the minutes of a regular meeting at each monthly meeting.

4. Record the minutes of the Executive Committee meeting which will be read at the next Executive Committee meeting.






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1. Is responsible for all funds of the Guild.

2. Make or verify all bank deposits.

3. Keep accurate records of all transactions.

4. Give financial report at all regular meetings.

5. Pay all bills by check or on-line.

6. Have artist’s checks ready at each monthly meeting.

7. Send in quarterly sales tax report to state.

8. Make out Folk Center check for their commission.

9. Have year end records ready for the Auditing committee at the close of the year. Auditing committee is to meet for review and release of year-end financial report prior to February business meeting.


VII. Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee shall consist of:

 1. President, as Chairperson

 2. Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

 3. All Chairpersons of the current Standing Committees.

The Executive Committee shall meet monthly at the call of the Chairperson. A majority of the total Executive Committee will constitute a Quorum. All committee Chairpersons will present plans of work to the Executive Board for approval. Any member in good standing may attend the meeting, but will have no vote.

A member having an idea to present to the Executive Committee must have it placed on the agenda in advance.


VIII. Standing Committees

The Chairperson for each committee shall be appointed by the President for a term of one (1) year.



Standing Committees shall be:

 1. Program: Supply an interesting and informative program at each regular meeting

 2. Education:

  (a) Develop an activities calendar for the year, and post at the Paintn’ Place. Update   as needed, scheduling all painting classes, paint-a-longs and workshops.

  (b) Collect all fees for workshops and keep a list of those who have signed up and    paid. Deposit fees and give that information to the Treasurer. Work with instructors   to maintain class limits and meet room needs.

  (c) Any scheduling conflicts will be taken to the Executive Committee for a     decision.

  (d) Work with program chairperson for effective, educational programs.

 3. Folk Center Gallery Committee Chairpersons:

  (a) Maintain a smooth operation between the Folk Center and the Guild.

  (b) Schedule volunteers.

  (c) Maintain the quality of the art display and appearance of the Cabin.

  (d) Attend the weekly craft meetings at the Folk Center.

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 4. Publicity: Bring knowledge of  Guild activities before the public.

 5. Parliamentarian: Be prepared to make proper decisions on points of order should the  occasion arise, utilizing the Guild By-laws and 21st Century Robert’s Rules of Order.

 6. Historian: Keep an up-to-date book of the history and activities of the Guild.

 7. Membership:

  (a) Receive all dues and forward them to the Treasurer with the names of the paid           members.

  (b) Provide each new member with a copy of the Guild Handbook.

   (c)  Have the Guild Waiver signed when dues are paid and keep these on file.

  (d)  Keep the membership list current and post a copy on the bulletin board for     members to copy as needed.


IX. Parliamentary Authority

21st Century Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the Guild when they are not inconsistent with the by-laws or special rules of the Guild.


X. Quorum

A quorum at the general meeting shall consist of eleven (11) members, one of whom shall be President or Vice President.


XI. Budget

The Executive Committee will present a budget at the February meeting for approval. The executive Committee will determine the amount of the budgeted items. Non-budgeted items or expenditures in excess of the budget must be presented at a general meeting to be approved by a majority vote.


XII. Method of revising or amending By-Laws.

The By-Laws may be amended at any general meeting, provided the amendment or revisions have been presented at Two (2) successive meetings; a vote may be taken after the second presentation. The adoption of the amendments or revisions shall require a majority vote of the members present. The outdated By-Laws are then filed with the Historian. A special committee appointed by the President will review the By-Laws every three (3) years.

All formal voting must be voted on the secret ballot in special situations concerning elections and trials of members and officers, as well as in parliamentary steps as required by the By-Laws and/or asked for by a member, otherwise, voting will be of general consent called for by the acting Chairman.












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XIII. Dissolution


If the Corporation becomes insolvent, changes its operation from its tax-exempt purposes, loses its tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service, or operates in such a manner that is inconsistent with its beginning purpose or decides to disband, the Mountain View Art Guild shall be dissolved as follows:

Upon the dissolution of the Corporation, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of Section 501c (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future Federal Tax Code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for public purpose. And such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by a Court of Competent Jurisdiction of the county in which the principle office of the corporation is located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization or organizations, operated exclusively for such purposes.

































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Mountain View Art Guild Special Committees – Special Committees and Appointments are at the discretion of the President and Executive Committee:


1. Courtesy Chairperson: (Appoint by first meeting.)

(a) Send cards to ill members.

(b) Send cards to families of deceased members.

(c) Send Card when notified by member when the need arises.


2. “Paintin’Place” Chairperson: (Appoint by first Meeting,)

(a) Check operating conditions of facilities. Report any deficiencies to the president.

(b) Set up chairs for monthly meetings. Vacuum and dust if needed.

(c) Check bathroom tissues, paper towels, trash bags and cleaners. Purchase anything needed and give receipts to the treasurer for reimbursement.

(d) Check gas tank and phone Ferrell gas to fill when needed (269-3609). They will bill the Art Guild.

(e) Put away chairs, empty trash and straighten up after monthly meeting.

(f) Cover air conditioner in winter. Check filter and change as needed.

(g) Cool or heat Paintin’ Place before monthly meeting starts.


3. Refreshment Chairperson: (Appoint by first meeting.)

(a) Provide sign-up sheet for refreshments at monthly meetings.

(b) Supply paper cups, napkins, small plates, Coffee, tea or beverages, cream and sugar or Sugar substitutes.

(c) Give receipts to Treasurer for reimbursement.


4. Telephone Chairperson: (Appoint by first meeting.) Organize a method to contact each member without e-mail about regular meetings and other needs of the Guild.


5. Stone County Fair Chairperson: (Appoint by May meeting.)

(a) Chairperson must attend Fair Board Meeting.

(b) Get a Judge (qualified in art) from out of the County.

(c) Be there for the judging

(d) Supply “Stone County Scenes” category prize ribbons.

(e) Get volunteers for accepting and hanging paintings and to help return paintings to the artist.


6. Public Art Display Chairperson: (Appoint by first meeting.)

(a) Fairly display all Guild members’ art by rotation.

(b) Keep track of the location of all artwork and any sales.

(c) Display at banks, library, and medical offices and hospital and any other public areas.

(d) Standards for artwork shall be the same as at the Folk Center Cabin and in keeping with MVAG Standards Policy.





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7. Skillet Restaurant Display Chairperson: (Appoint by first meeting.)

(a) Fairly display all Guild members’ art by rotation.

(b) Keep track of any sales.

(c) Standards for artwork shall be the same as at the Folk Center Cabin and in keeping with    MVAG Standards Policy.


8. Web Site Administrator: (Appoint by first meeting.)

(a) Keep Art Guild web site ( up to date.


9. Mountain View High School Exhibition and Competition Chairperson: (Appoint by first meeting.)

(a) Contact and work with High School Art Teacher for scheduling.

(b) Organize a team to help with setting up and taking down student work.

(c) Oversee all aspects of the show including ribbons and prize money.

(d) Contact a judge.


MVAG Educational Endowment Fund

Originally established by Mary and Robert Rivers in 2006.


Purpose - To be used to encourage, give monetary assistance and material resources for:

1. Young people exhibiting a need for help with the cost of art classes or materials.

2. Young people showing talent and a desire to grow artistically.


Awards and gifts have an 18 year age limit. Single gifts will not exceed $100.00 per year, per recipient.


This Fund was not intended to gift or award any group or entity other than the above stated.


The Fund will be replenished by donations and memorials from the Guild and general public.


A Committee (of 5 members of the Art Guild) was appointed by the Guild to recommend applicants and to distribute gifts. The committee will also select, for approval of the board replacement of members no longer able to serve on the Committee.


The Committee will make Guild members and the public aware of the opportunity to make memorials and gifts to the Fund by: Word of mouth, newspaper and other media, gifting as a group. Memorials to Art Guild member will be made by donations to the Educational Endowment Fund.


Original Committee: Mary Rivers, Sue Coon, Carol Terry, Betty Ward and Peggy Taylor.


Current committee: Mary Rivers, Sue Coon, Ann Snyder, Betty Ward and Virginia Kay Parsons.




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MVAG Standing Rules Revised 2016


1. The MVAG maintains the Paintin’ Place for the benefit and work of the membership only for the following purposes: meetings, show & sales, education, workshops, paint-a longs, classes and special activities.


2. The Paintin’ Place shall not be used for profit by members with the EXCEPTION of art sales, art supplies, art workshops and classes. However, members may reserve the room for non-business purposes for $15.00 per day with approval from the Executive Board.


3. A designated member will keep current records of keys to the Paintin’ Place issued to members.


4. Classes are held for members only with these exceptions:

 a. Workshops sponsored by the MVAG, will be open to both members and non-members. The non- members will pay price agreed upon by the Education Chairman and membership.

 b. A member may schedule the Paintin’ Place to teach children’s art classes.

5. Everyone, except Instructors, taking part in classes, or paint-a-longs will pay $2.00 a day, to defray utility costs.


6. Each group using the building is responsible for leaving the room clean and orderly. Instructors will be responsible for the repair of all damages to the building, equipment or works of art on the premises.


7. All scheduling of the Paintin’ Place MUST be done through the Education Chairperson, who will keep a record of the schedule and members taking part


8. Paintings and all crafts sold through the MVAG will be assessed as follows:

  Cabin sales – 10% of net (after sales tax deducted) to the Ozark Folk Center.

    10% of net to Mountain View Art Guild.

  Skillet sales – 25% of net to Skillet

    5% of net to Mountain View Art Guild

  Other Venue – 15% of net to Mountain View Art Guild.


9. MVAG policy will be that art instructors will set their own fees for classes and workshops.

These Standing Rules shall be amended by two-thirds quorum vote, without previous notice, or by a majority vote with notice.


10. Dues will be $18.00 per year and due on the first meeting of the calendar year. The dues will $9.00 for new members joining within the last six months of the year.







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MVAG Guidelines for Folk Center Art Gallery


 Members desiring to sell their paintings at the Folk Center Gallery must have their dues paid and sign up at the March meeting. After the deadline, no one will be allowed to hang unless someone gives up his/her work calendar.

 All members desiring to sell paintings in the Folk Center Gallery will be expected to take their turn working there. Each member will be assigned days for which they will be responsible. If a day assigned is inconvenient, it may be exchanged with another member. However, the responsibility for that day remains with the person for whom it was designated. It is of the utmost importance that we have a trained volunteer there each day. We cannot, under any circumstances, not show up.

 The volunteers shall represent our Art Guild with a neat, clean appearance, always in keeping with the theme of the Folk Center and the guidelines set up by the State Parks & Tourism Committee for the park.

 Paintings need not adhere to the theme of the Ozarks, however nudes and suggestive themes will be excluded. Only two dimensional, original work which meets the Standards Policy of the MVAG will be displayed. The Art Display Committee will have the authority to remove any work not in compliance.

 Paintings shall be secured in a sturdy frame or gallery wrap with a wire hanger. Do not use “saw toothed” hangers. Only originals shall be framed and hung and no two identical paintings shall be displayed at the same time. Paintings are to be hung in gallery fashion and neatly printed tags must be attached to the paintings and visible. Print racks will be available for unframed prints and originals using clear Art Envelopes to protect the work. Labels shall include the information that the work is a print of the artist’s original work. No two identical prints shall be displayed at the same time other than cards which also need to be in clear Art Envelopes.

 Each artist must list in the inventory book every item brought for sale. The volunteer of the day will record the sale & date on the Artist’s inventory page. At the end of the day, the worker shall call each member whose work was sold that day, so that the artist can bring in a new painting to fill that slot. Each worker shall be trained on the proper procedure for checking art work in & out, making out sales tickets, credit card sales, etc. before working. Credit card sales are made using the iPod and Square. Instructions are in the inventory book. Opening and closing procedures are posted on the desk. Smoking is prohibited in all state buildings, including our gallery.

 Volunteers are encouraged to do demos of their medium. Watercolor, pastels, pencils and acrylics can be used. Oil painting is not to be used because of people’s allergies to the odor. Easels must be located so as not to hinder visitors walking though the Gallery. Each person doing demos on their work day is responsible for clean up of the demo area at the end of the day. Artists must provide the materials for the demos unless arrangements have been made with the MVAG to provide them.

 If an artist wants to do a class on a day other than their day to work they shall make arrangements with a worker who does not wish to do demos during their work day. The artist doing the class may charge a fee if they wish for their time and materials (such as $5 for an hours class or whatever time/$ you wish). Classes can be put on the weekly Folk Center calendar by notifying the Craft Director.



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Cabin Chairpersons Duties:


1. For the March meeting, prepare a sign-up sheet for signatures of members desiring to display art work at the cabin for the coming season. Make columns for name, phone number, preferred days to work and days they cannot work.


2. Check with Folk Center for the scheduled opening and closing dates of the season & schedule all volunteers for the entire season. Have calendars printed for each volunteer, along with six more calendars- one each for the Folk Center, The Paintin’ Place, the director of the crafts area and a couple of extras.


3. Get deposit slips from the Treasurer who will order more as needed.


4. Daily Sales Envelopes: Prepare one large and one small envelope for each day. Stamp each one and put the date on. Enclose deposit slip in the large envelope. These envelopes can be made out a month ahead or the entire season.


5. Get a $100.00 check from the treasurer to obtain appropriate denominations of currency and coins for the cash box.


6. The pink sales tickets shall be picked up from the cabin each week and recorded on each artist’s individual page. At the end of the month check with the treasurer to be sure the records correspond before the treasurer writes the checks.


7. Prior to Opening – organize a Cleaning Committee to clean floor and windows, etc,.


8. Organize a Display Committee of about six members. Make arrangements to hang the paintings before opening day.


9. Furnish the cabin with needed cleaning and office supplies. Plastic bags for sold items and receipt book are available in Jeanette's office and must be signed for . All the pages of the receipt book are stamped with the name of the Art Guild.


10. Receipts for any and all expenditures for supplies and equipment for the gallery shall be turned in to the treasurer for reimbursement.


11. Prepare pages for the inventory book. Each member displaying artwork should have one or more pages to list his/her art. Places for the titles of the work, size, medium, price and places to record the date of sale and initials of the volunteer who made the sale on each page.


12. Any of these duties may be delegated to other volunteers.


13. Guidelines for the volunteers will be posted at the Guild and Gallery.



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Mountain View Art Guild Standards Policy

April 6, 2009



The Standard Committee is to establish policies that will define and assure the quality and originality of art work exhibited by Mountain View Art Guild (MVAG) members. These guidelines are to be followed by all members. If a MVAG member is showing art work under the auspices of another organization, their policies should be followed also.

Original art: Work shown by the Guild artists is to be original art. The subject or pattern shall be that which is in the public domain, or that which the artist has personally seen, imagined, photographed, or has received written or explicit verbal permission to use. Even if not protected, credit should be given as to the original source.

Public Domain: Items in the public domain are those on which the copyright law has expired or have never been so protected.


Copying: Copies consist of art that involves all three for the following:

1. Same use of the techniques and media

2. Same subject

3. Same colors and application of color


Copying for learning purposes:

1. This refers to copying to the work of old masters, work by other artist or workshop demos.


Copying for inspiration:

1. When work of another artist is used for inspiration, the copying must change the work significantly.


Presentation: Art which is to be hung shall be solidly framed and, when appropriate, matted and glass covered. The art shall be provided with a wire hanger firmly attached at both ends. Each artist shall be responsible for protecting his or her art work from damage. No two identical pieces, i.e., copied from another or completed in a class shall be hung in the same place at the same time.















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Agreement and Release of Liability


I, ____________________________________________ hereby grant permission to the Mountain View Art Guild, Mountain View Arkansas, to display my artwork without further consideration. Any artwork displayed will be given reasonable care against damage or theft.

I hereby waive, release and hold harmless the Mountain View Art Guild, its officials, boards, members, and agents, from any and all claims for damages and/or expenses of any nature whatsoever arising out of any loss, damage, injury, or theft, to my artwork while being set-up or taken down, while on display, or placed in storage.


Artist’s Signature ____________________________________________


Date ________________


Print Name ________________________________________________

















This hand book is dedicated to Peggy Taylor – longtime worker and watercolor teacher for the Mountain View Art Guild.




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