Mountain View Art Guild

Membership dues, are $18 a year, if you are interested in becoming a member use the Contact Us Page or contact our current members


2016 Officers


Virgina Parsons

Vice President:

MegAnne Townsend


Janette Wright


Paula Lane

The Mountain View Art Guild currently boasts more than 60 members.

List of members:

Donna Akin

Loretta Babak

Pearl Baker

Lynda Bishop

Maureen Brock

Helen Butterfield

Earlene Carter

Sheri Chisholm

Daniel Christen

Frances Chye

Pat Coffey

Sue Coon

Jack Davis

Charity Decker

Rhoda Doerr

Deborah Dorrough

Gayle Dyhrkopp

Peg Hares

Joy Harp

Fran Hatley

Phillis Haynes

Linda Horton





Francis Sims

Chuck Smith

Mollie Smith

Ann Snyder

Mary Beth Stage

Judy Stevens

Julie Stow

Etta Sutton

Nancy Switzer

Tick Taylor

Marion Thorpe

Jim Tindall

MegAnne Townsend

Marcia Wallace

Russ Wilhite

La’Nelle Wilmeth

Renee Wilmeth

Janette Wright

Catherine Wyatt



On this site, some members have chosen to display some of their works.

Please View them on the Artist Page.

Joyce Hubbard

Thomas Huddleston

Ron James

Karen Jones

Yun Kim

Richard Knapp

Joyce Lake

Kathleen Lane

Kimberly Lane

Paula Lane

Brenda Lawrence

Rubie Lewis

Denny Maynerd

Susan Mink

Pat Nease

Virginia Parsons

Mary Rice

Mary Rivers

Jim Rorie

Violet Sanchez

Dana Shaeffer


Marjeta Brown

Mary Flatt

Sue Hardy

Kelly Bess

Bud Kinser

Carol Terry

Betty Ward


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